UK chancellor announces further Covid support in new budget

UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced the budget for 2021, including an extension of the furlough scheme and grants for the self-employed.  In a series of measures set to help people through the Covid-19 pandemic, he put forward a three-step plan to support people and business, fix public finances and build the future economy. SunakContinue reading “UK chancellor announces further Covid support in new budget”

Album review: Jacaszek, ‘Gardenia’

As a self-confessed ambient music aficionado, Touch Records is my go to place for all things soundscapey. Polish electroacoustic composer Michal Jacaszek has been releasing music on the label since 2014 and has established himself as a well-respected ambient musician within experimental music circles. His latest offering – ‘Gardenia’ – is a sublimely crafted sonicContinue reading “Album review: Jacaszek, ‘Gardenia’”

A virtual home – the digital diaspora

Migrants are in a constant state of readjustment in their host countries. Forging a new life for themselves far from home, there is often a need for connection and community.  Many migrants find it difficult to assimilate within a new country and seek out other migrants from their home country or try to remain connectedContinue reading “A virtual home – the digital diaspora”

“Who will defend us if not ourselves?” Indigenous people and rainforests under renewed attack in Brazil

Socio-environmental protections in Brazil are being dismantled whilst the world is distracted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Forests in the Amazon, home to 1 million indigenous people, have been subject to fires and deforestation as the current government administration seeks to reverse hard-won gains for indigenous and environmental rights. These fragile rights exist in tension withContinue reading ““Who will defend us if not ourselves?” Indigenous people and rainforests under renewed attack in Brazil”

Latin America’s hip hop scene

A burgeoning Latin American hip-hop scene is causing waves that could rival its US counterparts. Infusing trap, reggaeton and salsa, it makes for a unique take on the hip-hop genre.  Cazzu (Argentina) Cazzu, an Argentinian rapper and singer otherwise known as Julieta Cazzucheli , offers a refreshing female perspective on South American hip-hop. She hasContinue reading “Latin America’s hip hop scene”

New cancer centre opens in Sutton

A new state-of-the-art Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery worth £75 million has opened in Sutton, London, with a virtual opening ceremony held on the 17th of November. The centre is part of the London Cancer Hub site that is currently under development in Sutton, which aims to be a global centre for cancer research andContinue reading “New cancer centre opens in Sutton”

‘For real’: On authenticity

How well does one person ever know another person? This is the question I have recently been asking myself. With the increasing use of social media and electronic communications, we can stay connected to others without even picking up the phone, let alone meeting face to face. But I have a feeling that these connectionsContinue reading “‘For real’: On authenticity”

Christmas without a home in Sutton, London

Hundreds of households in Sutton are at risk of homelessness, according to recent statistics published by the government. Homelessness means not having a home, and whilst this is often associated with living on the streets (‘sleeping rough’), according to the homelessness charity Shelter, being homeless can also include staying with friends and family, in aContinue reading “Christmas without a home in Sutton, London”

Installation art – a feast for the senses

Installation art is a relatively new artform. It is an immersive experience, whereby the viewer enters into a simulated, multi-dimensional world. Artworks in this genre can be seen in major art galleries including the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Notable contemporary installation artists include Olafur Elliasson, BruceContinue reading “Installation art – a feast for the senses”

Coronavirus: the pandemic that caught the world unawares

Covid 19 is a new infectious viral disease. A severely acute respiratory illness (caused by coronavirus known as SARs-Cov-2), it is transmitted through air droplets from person to person. Symptoms include fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing. The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China, and by the time it came to public attention itContinue reading “Coronavirus: the pandemic that caught the world unawares”